4 Women  -  A Blues in G Minor Symphony
Shakura S’Aida was a hit at the Heritage Music Blues Fest in Wheeling in 2010 and the festival promoter saw the possibility for collaboration with the WSO’s Pop Series. Her high-energy performance and soaring vocals appealed to blues enthusiasts and symphony-goers alike in a blues-oriented program with orchestrations, leaving a trail of praise and high reviews.​
​4 Women - Blues in G Minor has expanded by adding the music of the late and great Etta James, Nina Simone & Billy Holliday bringing the symphony to a new level of soul.
A journey of musical discovery by artist Shakura S’Aida. This concert connects the dots between the music that influenced her youth and the music that she performs internationally today. Billie Holiday, Etta James and Nina Simone all shared many of the same experiences,
​a love of the same music and many times the same songs. Largely influenced by the lives of these women, their stories and their strength of character, Shakura S’Aida has chosen to incorporate some of their most popular songs into her 2 set “Blues in G Minor Symphony” concert. The first set entertains the audience with wonderful songs arranged by Lance Anderson: “ Strange Fruit”, “Hard to Handle”,
​“4 Women”, I Just Want to Make Love To You”, “See Line Woman, “Rather Be Blind, to name a few; the 2nd set features blues songs chosen from Shakura S’Aida’s 3 album repertoire with arrangements
​by Rob Teehan, Jeff Christmas and Lance Anderson.

“As the Executive Director of Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and the Producer of the Award-Winning Heritage Blues Festival, I found Shakura S'Aida's combination of blues and symphonic repertoire absolutely outstanding and the audience loved it!"...Blues in G Minor is a great crossover symphonic pops show-reaching audience that might not
​normally attend symphonies” -
​Bruce Wheeler-Executive Director of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra